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Sales Team Effectiveness

We offer two levels of service: basic and comprehensive.

Basic – For very small sales teams or for a specific sales person, we will help them to improve effectiveness and results. Activities may include analysis of sales presentations and sales patterns, review of sales materials and technology used in the sales process, sales goals and approaches, design of sales plans and skills development.

Comprehensive – If you want to increase your sales, you need to do a “deep dive” into issues directly around sales and marketing. This web-based assessment is what you have been waiting for. Your company’s top line will be positively affected by the use of Sales Baseline. Based on 111 best practices statements, your sales team and its processes will be evaluated and reported on to give you results in three critical areas:

  • Improved quota performance
  • Better results from your sales investment
  • Reduced customer and staff turnover

We administer the assessment, analyze the results, and present the critical opportunities for improvement in a 35-page report with graphs, charts and comparisons to the sales teams of hundreds of other organizations. In a “retreat format” with the sales team, we facilitate discussions and development of key actionable tasks to make it all happen. A key part of this service is that we follow up to ensure tasks are being completed.

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Leadership Development

360o Assessment – QuadLead is a unique web-based assessment that examines a leader’s skills in two areas: Leadership Competence (e.g. what a leader does) and Leadership Character (e.g. who a leader is). It is useful for a one-time assessment or as part of the annual performance review process and can be used for current leaders and for those you are considering to become leaders in your organization.

Twelve essential leadership disciplines are evaluated and ranked by each respondent group (Self, Boss, Peer and Direct Reports). Results are based on comparisons to a global leadership best practices database.

We administer the assessment, analyze the results, and present the critical opportunities for improvement in a 23-page report with graphs, charts and comparisons to hundreds of other leaders. A debrief will result in a self-development plan for personal leadership development that we will follow up on to ensure completion.

Other Assessments – There are a wide variety of other assessments available to help you with selection and hiring, annual performance reviews, job placement and more. All it takes is a conversation with us to determine the best fit of a comprehensive tool to meet your needs.

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Operations Review

This is a custom service that examines the way in which a company or department works and how it can be made more efficient, effective and profitable. An analogy can be drawn between an operations review and a medical checkup. A medical checkup involves various tests and measurements of one’s vital signs. Likewise, an operations review involves tests and measurements of a business’s vital signs, which include internal controls, efficiencies and various metrics specific to your industry.

We look at and develop, if necessary, key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide a “balanced” view of the organization and not merely its performance against specific customer-related performance targets. In addition to regularly evaluating performance of the production environment, it institutes corresponding actions to address performance indicators that have either not been achieved or are at risk of not being achieved in the future. Most importantly, we stay involved after implementation to assist you in evaluating and measuring performance.

Process Mapping

A process map is a pictorial representation of the sequence of actions that comprise a process. Successful companies everywhere use process mapping to both develop and improve processes. Process mapping refers to identifying the discrete steps involved in a process. Flow charts show people what their jobs are and how they should interact with one another as part of process. Everybody should be able to see from the chart what their job is and how their work fits in with the work of others in the process.

Process mapping is an exercise to identify all the steps and decisions in a process in diagrammatic form which:

  • Describes the flow of materials, information and documents
  • Displays the various tasks contained within the process
  • Shows that the tasks transform inputs into outputs
  • Indicates the decisions that need to be made along the chain
  • Demonstrates the essential inter relationships and interdependence between the process steps and reminds us that the strength of a chain depends upon its weakest link.

downloadSee process maps and other maps we have developed.

Corporate Performance Analysis

This is an organizational performance assessment that can rapidly identify the best opportunities for strategic business improvement. It’s like an “MRI” of an organization because it quickly and conveniently evaluates up to 35 business disciplines in the categories of Strategy, Design and Culture. This is a great tool for determining the degree of alignment or misalignment at the management level, and it compares results to thousands of organizations on a global best practice database.

One of the great benefits of this assessment is that it creates significant opportunities for dialogue about issues within the management team. A key part of this service is that we follow up to ensure that actionable tasks are being completed.

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Board Governance Effectiveness

This is a Board of Directors assessment that quickly evaluates the overall effectiveness of the Board of Directors from two key perspectives: (1) their ability to work together effectively and (2) the degree to which they are in compliance with governance best practices and important regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley. Other areas assessed include, Strategic Planning, Board Interaction, and Board & CEO Effectiveness. This assessment is appropriate for public, private and non-profit organizations.

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Strategic Planning & Execution

It is a fact today that changes occur quickly and constantly. If your organization does not have a solid definition of where it is today and where it is going, with several options for the future, it will probably be governed by the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Using a series of proven steps and processes, we can help you develop a realistic plan for the future success of your organization. This service is not just for big companies, it is scalable to be very appropriate for smaller ones also.

downloadSee a chart of our Strategic Planning Sequence.

Succession Planning

This service is the identification and development of potential successors for key positions in an organization through a systematic evaluation process and training. Unlike replacement planning (which grades an individual solely on the basis of his or her past performance), succession planning is largely predictive in judging an individual for a position he or she might never have been in. Family businesses, in particular, need to make sure they have some kind of succession plan. We use a series of templates to craft an accurate and executable succession plan.

Our approach is:

  • Keep it simple
  • Be realistic
  • Document and execute

Business Advisory

This service is for you if you want:

  • A fresh perspective to drive your business forward
  • Economical advisory services to grow to the next level
  • Improved decision making and accountability

Here are a few of the areas of service you may find of interest:

  • Budgeting and Variance Reviews
  • Financial Statement Reviews
  • Financial Statement Education
  • Financial Projections
  • Business Plan Development
  • Strategy and Growth
  • Cost Reduction Recommendations
  • General Business Advice
  • Weekly or Monthly “One-on-Ones”
  • Other Custom Needs

Organizational Development

The purpose of this service is increasing an organization’s effectiveness over time. It should be the result of a conscious and planned effort to study, analyze and improve the capabilities and performance of the organization through the development of employee resources. Activities may include: employee interviews, performance reviews, coaching processes, team development, change management and more.

Group Facilitation/Workshops

Do you need to hold group discussions, reach consensus or make a group decision with an impartial and professional facilitator? We can help using a variety of techniques including:  affinity diagrams, brainstorming, bubble-up prioritizing, Ishikawa and nominal group. We will also research, develop and present workshops on the subject of your choosing, including a few that are in our standard library.

Custom Surveys

A survey is a data collection tool used to gather information about individuals, teams, events or groups. The key to obtaining good data through a survey is to develop a good survey questionnaire. Whether you want to conduct an online or paper survey, you need to have a well-designed survey questionnaire. On the surface, it seems a fairly simple task to write up a set of questions to collect information, but there are many pitfalls that should be avoided.

We focus on designing a survey questionnaire, from start to finish, that is customized for your needs in the following areas:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Market Research
  • Event Planning
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Employee Performance
  • And more

downloadSee a sample of a Feedback survey.

downloadSee sample Staff Performance survey.