Accelerate Business Excellence


Our mission to “Accelerate Business Excellence” is a simple statement but one which we take very seriously with our clients. New ideas, new approaches, and new tools can help you achieve that same mission within your organization.

Who We Are

Excalibur Edge Consulting is a multi-faceted business consultancy with senior level experience in a wide variety of industry and commerce, both for profit and not for profit, as well as small to large organizations. Since our beginning, we have sought out and employed many “world class” tools to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and a strong return on their investment in us. We were nominated for the “Rising Star” award by the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce in 2005.

Our owner is a Certified QuadRed Consultant and is well qualified to work with owners and C-level executives by understanding their needs and bringing resource solutions to them.

Our History

Founded in 2001 as a training company, we focused on “developing human assets” by helping organizations to employ people who could utilize their gifts and talents to the highest possible degree. As the needs of our clients grew and broadened, we began to offer higher end services such as strategic planning, corporate assessments, and more. Then, process improvement, custom surveys, and general business advising became important to our clients and we provided them. Today we are an integrated full-service consultancy that brings a high measure of success to every client we work with.

Our company logo is inspired by the legend in which the sword, Excalibur, was given to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake so he would become a wise, powerful, and just leader of his kingdom; always winning the battles he was engaged in. The sword stood for truth, loyalty, strength, and all that was good. The logo represents the spirit of the sparkling sword Excalibur.

Why Choose Us

We think we’re pretty capable and so do our clients. A lot has been learned from every one of them and that knowledge is something we share with you as we engage our services for you. We consistently deliver outstanding results designed to get our clients to their goals faster and more effectively. Here are some other reasons why you should choose us:

  • Hands-on – Our approach, unlike many of other consulting companies, is to work closely with our clients to develop and implement solutions. We know the secret to success in the consulting game is not just coming up with good ideas, but successfully putting them into practice.
  • Integrity – Our continuing success is dependent on establishing and maintaining long-term trusting relationships with our clients and business partners. They must all be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Reliability – Our resources and efforts will be constantly focused on doing what needs to be done, with proper follow-ups, when we have given our commitment and our promise to deliver products and services to our clients.
  • Quality – Our products and services are developed and delivered with the highest practical level of quality or we will fix it at no cost to the client. They will never have to be concerned about it meeting their needs.
  • Value – Our fees reflect good value to our clients in what they receive and we strive to add personal value to all our associations with clients. If a client is not satisfied with work we have done, we will gladly waive any unpaid fees for that engagement.

We truly want to be, “The Edge You Need to Succeed.”

Associations & Affiliations

  • Rotary International – Neenah Club
  • Business Consulting Group
  • Chief Strategy Officers Group
  • Consultants Network
  • Corporate Planning for Small and Midsize Businesses
  • Front End of Innovation
  • Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)
  • S.A.N.E. – Strategic Alliance Network for Executives
  • Management Consulting Professionals
  • Operational Excellence
  • Strategic Planning Society
  • Strategy and Corporate Planning Exchange